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Charity Box by Rachael Whiteread


Rachel Whiteread - commonly written as Rachael Whiteread in error, as above! - was born in London in 1963. She attended Brighton Polytechnic and the Slade School of Art.

Whiteread produced a series of works that explored the space around objects, including Ghost (1990), an impression of the inside of a room, with traces of the door, window, fireplace and other features, now visible on the on the exterior of the work.

Whiteread achieved international recognition in 1993 for her first public commission, House: a concrete cast of the interior space of a terraced house.

While the agreement was for a limited period at the original site, the installation was destroyed without discussion at the end of the period, despite the interest it had attracted - and despite the many alternative fates that were available to the local council.

Whiteread had been nominated for the Turner Prize in 1991, and again in 1993 - this time, she won; for her 'resonant sculptures of the spaces surrounding domestic objects and room.'

'Charity Box' is another such sculpture.

Rachel Whiteread's award provoked - in the words of the BBC - howls of anguish from the tabloids.

Whiteread gained further international attention for her work Monument (2001), an installation on the 'fourth plinth' at London's Trafalger Square.

It was a facsimile of the granite plinth on which it stood, cast in clear resin. It was a mirror image of the original, its bulk rendered almost insubstantial by the material.

ghost 1990
Untitled (House) 1993
16 January 2008
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